Основатель Pama Global Дэвид Ляо о себе

Победитель мировых олимпиад по ментальной арифметике. Гигант в сфере ментальной арифметики Дэвид Ляо рассказал нам о себе. Чтобы не терять энергетику, мы решили выложить на английском.

Дэвид Ляо david liao

My name is David Liao. I am the founder of PAMA Global Abacus and Mental Association, which currently has 23 member countries, and the acting chairman of PAMA Taiwan. When I was 10, I started learning abacus and mental arithmetic. Because of my diligence and interest in the subject, I achieved advanced levels (the equivalence of black belt in taekwondo) after learning for only two years. During my schooling years, I continue spending my time outside of school on abacus and mental arithmetic. I attended various competitions, in which I all finished with excellent results. Before I graduated from university, I had been on national television three times to perform mental arithmetic and won 6 Taiwanese Individual National Championships. I had also obtained Advanced Level 10 Certificate in both abacus and mental arithmetic.

After graduating from university, I began working in abacus and mental arithmetic education. I founded my own abacus and mental arithmetic education center, which has been in operation for the past 30 years. The most concurrent students we had were over 2000 in 6 centers. We have taught over 30000 students and led our students to compete in Taiwan or other parts of the world and won countless championships and accolades.

In addition to teaching students, more than 20 years ago, I also began getting invited to many countries to promote abacus and mental arithmetic education, instruct the teachers there and train them to become exceptional abacus experts. The countries I was invited to include Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, United States, Canada, Thailand, Indonesia and more. In recent years, I have also worked with teachers from India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries in Europe and the Middle East.

Abacus and mental arithmetic is a professional discipline that has significant impact on young child’s brain development. More and more countries gradually developed abacus and mental arithmetic programs and there is a lot of potential in this field. I hope, with my work, I can help various countries promote this unique skill and introduce it to more children around the world, making them smarter through abacus and mental arithmetic training.

Currently, I am still working in this filed. This is my greatest aspiration and dedication. I hope I can continue to contribute in education and benefit more countries and the next generation.

I am honored to be invited to Moscow as the speak for the first phase training session for teachers in April 2018. In this three-day training session, I will everyone through the gate of abacus and mental arithmetic education. You will learn the most professional techniques and teaching guidelines. Upon the completion of this training session, you will receive a Certificate of Excellent Instructor from PAMA (Global) Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association. Not only does this serve as evidence that you have completed training for Level 6 and lower abacus and mental arithmetic techniques, it also proves that you are capable of delivering three years’ worth of content as an abacus teacher. This is a rare opportunity that I hope you can take advantage of. I will see you in Moscow!

David Liao
Founder and Chairman of PAMA Taiwan
Pan Pacific Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association

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